The DCyphyr-Twitch-Bot uses a Twitch-Account and an API-Key to hook the Twitch-Account. It provides basic commands to run in the Twitch-Chat.


  • Status Check. It provides a simple status check up to check if everyone is ready.
  • Questions. It is able to ask questions if you don’t know what to talk about, or need some kind of idea for your content.
  • Advices. It gives you stupid or unnecessary advices.
  • Chuck Norris. It fires Chuck-Noris-Jokes, if you need them.
  • Chat Actions. It does a small emote like grabbing a coffee.
  • WTTR. It is integrated with to provide you the necessary tools to show the weather in chat.

Command Reference

Status Check

?statuscheckEvaluates the vote. (only Moderators and higher)
?statusresetResets the vote queue. (only Moderators and higher)
?statusconfirmConfirms the vote (can be run by everyone)
?statusdenyDenies the vote (can be run by everyone)


?yearfactGives you a random fact about a random year
?numberfact <number>Gives you a random fact for a given number

Role Play

?helloGreets you
?blahajCalls in Blahaj for a quick rescue
?foldYou fold for the streamer
?fourtwenty or ?420Smokes some OG Kush in chat
?coffeeGives you a coffee in chat


?questionGives you and your chat a random question
?question_poolsizeGives you the amount of questions available (Admin only)
?question_updateUpdates the question pool (Admin only)


?wttr <c\f> <location>Shows the weather forecast in a given location
?adviceGives you a more or less useless advice
?pronounsThe Bot tells you its pronouns and shows you how you can show yours to everyone in chat.


?sponsorsShows the Credits
?eggGreets the fellow eggs
?chuckTosses a random Chuck Norris joke your way
?helpShows this help page
?hornsRaise your horns for the streamer.